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Acquisitions Management

servicesUnder the PA&M Unit we provide hands-on assistance to acquisition specialists, acquisition coordinators, COTRs, CORs and program managers by furnishing support staff to develop performance and technical specifications, statements of work, statements of objectives, performance work statements and the complete acquisition package. As business advisors we also assist in the technical evaluations process on Source Selection Boards.

  • COTR Support
  • Acquisition support
  • IT acquisition support
  • Acquisition planning
  • Project management
  • Requirements planning
  • Statement of work
  • Performance monitoring
  • Financial tracking
  • Reconciliation of orders
  • Warranty administration
  • Government invoicing
  • Performance work statements

We provide comprehensive acquisition support to our clients and have broad expertise in developing requests for proposals (RFPs), source-selection plans, and technical, management, cost, and past performance evaluation plans. We assist our clients in developing RFPs—and supporting efforts such as requests for information (RFIs) and industry days—that clearly communicate their requirements to the vendor community and promote quality proposals. With our source-selection experience, we can help clients use a number of techniques, such as oral presentations, demonstrations, and determining a competitive range, to perform thorough and well-documented source selections of the most qualified vendor.

To support program office other staffing needs, Procurevis provides customer-oriented mission support in various areas for more information, please see Mission Support Solutions.