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Contract Vehicles

contract-vehicles-bigProcuring services and solutions from Procurevis is fast and efficient. We have the following contract vehicles available:

  • Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services GS-10F-0127S (MOBIS Schedule 874)
  • Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing GS-07F-5582R (TAPS Schedule 736)
  • Department of Justice, Acquisition Support Services BPA
  • Department of Veterans Affairs, Acquisition Support Services BPA
  • Department of Labor, Professional Services BPA
  • Department of Homeland Security, Professional Services BPA
  • Seaport-E Subcontractor to CDI Government Services
  • Logistics World-wide (Logworld 874-V) (coming soon)
  • MATOC Multiple Award Schedule (coming soon)

For information regarding our expertise, please call Ms. Shanell S. Davis, President & CEO at 301.396.9251.